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Maybe you have landed here from a google search looking for a more versatile bible bot for your IRC chat room. This bot was based on the CancelBot project which, at the time, was the best IRC bible bot I could find. I simply took the concept further, disentangled it from XChat, and made it usable from virtually anywhere.

The pages on this site explains many of the features that this bot provides and gives examples on how to use. It is based on the best IRC bible bot I could find for IRC chat rooms with many features added. If you wish to ask me any questions about the IRC bible bot then please leave a message in the contact form below.

This bot now has an open source license and can be found at github.

A brief feature list of this bot is the following:

  • multiple translation support
  • verse lookup using lookup reference
  • view verse cross references
  • abbreviated read next verse commands
  • strongs number and dictionary
  • concordance search
  • customizable verse coloring (mIRC color codes) (in progress) I may add this in again at a later date.

The current version of this bot is 0.99.4 and has gone through a lot of changes.

Sites currently using this bot:

  • Network: irc.undernet.org Room: #bible (Barnabas)
  • Network: irc.chatopia.net Rooms #christian (Logos)
  • Network: irc.robothive.org Rooms #christonly (Logos)
  • Network: irc.rizon.net Room #christians-fellowship (i-Bible)
  • Network: irc.oftc.net Room #christian-fellowship (i-Bible)
  • Network: irc.chat4all.net Room #christian-fellowship (i-Bible)
  • Network: klingon.angeldsis.com Room #bible (logos)
    Web based chat portal: http://sheepdogmedia.org/chat.html
  • Network: irc.efnet.pl Room #christianity  (vvBible) (version 0.96b)

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